You find yourself tethered to that trusty to-do list, you work hard to tackle it all from sunup to sundown, but somehow the to-dos seem to stack up faster than you can check them off. Meanwhile life is happening all around you and you’re pulled in 10 different directions. The result? Feeling like you’ve never accomplished quite enough or served the areas of your life well. As for you? You gather scraps of time at the end of the day to claim as your own.

Late night feedings, early morning alarm clocks buzzing, a missing set of keys, an overflowing inbox, and running for second (then third) cups of coffee. Sound familiar? The struggle + overwhelm is REAL. Let’s take a collective deep breath together and hit ‘pause’ on the crazy.

White space is the time you intentionally set aside for yourself each and every day to reset, recharge, + nourish your soul. The moments that make you feel alive and guide you to your most authentic and vibrant self. Imagine a morning run with your fave playlist, an unplugged afternoon hike, a 10-minute meditation, an overdue coffee date with a friend, whatever YOU are needing in this season. These are the new priorities in your life.

Here at With White Space, we curate resources and create community to serve women who are ready to redefine productivity and reclaim a life filled with intention + clarity. We help women cut through the noise, slow the pace, and prioritize time for the moments that matter - moments that come to life when white space is cultivated.

is the answer here.

White Space

the kind of
calm we crave

+  Morning meditation + journaling

+ Patio reading with a mug of coffee

+ Bubble bath soaking

+ An evening picnic on the lakeshore

+ Conversation with friends around a crackling campfire

+ Conversation with friends around a
crackling campfire


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